Yo, I’ll Solve It

I was back in my office today, and Gary brought me some stuff to work on. First was the Cognos report that I made recently, along with some ambiguous feedback and no real tools to help me resolve it. He ended up taking that one back, and let me look at a report of some other rostering issue that, at the end of the day, was completely unrelated to rostering.

The morning went by quickly though, and Thomas had the group go to lunch early because he was hungry. I went a little after they left, but still a few minutes early. I met Josh in the parking lot and told him that they left early, and then met Summer at Taco John’s to meet up with everyone else.

Lunch was quiet and quick, and then it was back to the shop for a long afternoon. I came up with a fix for my second project, and then I went to Oakland for the last 45 minutes or so to run a new video cable. From there, I went home for a little while before going to my parents’ house for some food. Mom and I finished up some phở while Dad ate some more curry. The pot of curry doubled in size after yesterday, and I still don’t fully understand the process.

I left there shortly after we ate so I could help Bác Vân with her iPad. After running back and forth to reset my router, it ended up being the iPad itself that needed to be restarted. My next step is to set up my new mesh Google router.

Finally, I ended up at Summer’s for the evening. She was winding down for bed, and the girls got home late after band practice. It was relatively early to bed for everyone.

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