New Committee, New You

I forgot that we had our CPPC meeting this morning, so after a while at work, I had to run home to grab my Pixel for some superior notetaking. I actually got the time for the meeting wrong too, so I started walking over about 45 minutes early. I stopped in at Transportation to talk to those guys briefly, realized I was way early, then got my Pixel, and finally arrived back at Central Office. I was the first one there by a longshot. Then Justin and Justin came in. Judy brought some donuts for us. We very nearly didn’t have a quorum, but Ginni showed up along with two more administrators, and we dug right in.

I volunteered to do the secretarying again, and to my dismay, I didn’t have the right strings pulled to get Justin as our president. I’ll guess I’ll have to go for that next year. As far as the meeting went, we sped through most of it after confirming that everyone had a chance to read the changes. There wasn’t a whole lot of jibber jabber until Janie wanted to express distrust over the wording of our bonus announcement. Ginni was quick to passive-aggressively shut her down, and everything else passed with very little formality.

The rest of the day as pretty quiet. Josh and I were the only two around for lunch, so he took us to Stoby’s, where Gary coincidentally was meeting some other friends for lunch. I spent most of the afternoon working on my CPPC minutes, but had to walk back over to Central Office to take Gary a replacement UPS battery. That ended up being a faulty power outlet, so he had to call an electrician to come out tomorrow.

Autumn was supposed to meet with a recruiter after school, but changed her mind to hang out with her new boyfriend under the guise of “not feeling well enough to meet the recruiter.” This caused a conflict with Eaddie, who wanted to get home to do good kid things, like homework. I was actually able to get Summer on the phone, and she called to set her straight, and then talked to me a bit while she was on her way to Target to try and find some clearance Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds for Eaddie.

Since Autumn took Eaddie home, I left work in pretty high spirits and great weather, so I took the bike across town and ended up at AT&T to see my old crew. Hope and Nicole both came up to give me a hug, and I spent most of my time chatting with Kevin. I hung out there for a little while until Kevin finished his shift. Then I headed on home to change before going to my parents’ house for dinner.

Mom had just gotten home from work, and they were outside looking at the ditch where they had a tree service come and clean out a couple of big trees that have been there since my childhood. I hated to see them go, and I worry about continuing erosion, so hopefully it was for the best. We went in and warmed up some curry, but Mom ate something else again. Dad and I chatted for a while, and eventually I had to head over to Summer’s to help Eaddie with her science homework.

On the way, Summer asked for food, so I ran by Lowe’s quickly to see if they still had the headlamp I had reserved over the weekend. They didn’t, so I left and picked up a burrito at Taco Bell before making it up to the girls. Eaddie came out, and Summer didn’t want to wait to gift her headphones. Then I helped with the homework, and everyone was off to bed.

I’ve waited my whole life to be a parent that knows everything.

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