On Nesting Hornets

I spent nearly the entire day on my meeting minutes, trying to research additional resources to review changes, perfecting my wording, and ultimately getting it to the members that were present so they could review and suggest changes. I forgot my watch at home though, so I felt naked for most of the morning. When everyone gathered for lunch, I quickly ran home for it before meeting them at Linhs.

In the afternoon, I finally finished my first draft and sent it out for review. Judy was quick to check it out, and had something for me to add. Then I saw it move up the ladder to Justin, who spent a fair amount of time reading it. After he left, I saw Ginni going down the whole document, and then highlight a line I had written about administration not budgeting for a Christmas bonus. A moment later, Justin was back on the document, and then Thomas appeared in my doorway and asked me to call her.

It felt like she was mostly concerned about a possibly negative perception, and I don’t think she really understood that I was on her side. I’m sick of hearing about people feeling entitled to a bonus because they can’t manage to save for Christmas on their own. I’m sick of departments that aren’t losing people complaining about pay. She had me call Justin to try and come up with some better wording, but he didn’t really have any suggestions either. In the end, I modified three of the bullet points to try and spin the story a bit in the direction she seemed to want.

After that, I noticed an urgent work order from Sheri and took off to Oakland. They had a robotics tryout, and needed some software installed so they could update their robotics hardware. Then I finished up with some trouble Sheri was having on her laptop before heading home.

Autumn asked if I could get Eaddie from her own robotics event so she could go to a volleyball game. When I eventually picked her up, it seemed like Autumn might be hiding out in the band room, so we snooped around a bit before giving up. From there, we went to Mom’s to check in on her. Eaddie wanted to ride her bike to her friend’s house to finish some homework, so I helped Mom warm up dinner while she was out.

Eventually everyone got fed, I took care of dishes, and Mom ran us off as it got late. Summer was nearly asleep when we got to the house. I never actually saw Autumn, but she seemed to be up later than usual. Eaddie practiced her flute for a while, and then spent some time with her new earbuds. I chatted with Grant for a little bit about some games, and ended the evening by finishing the Pixel 7 announcement stream.

Mmm, beefy.

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