Washed Up

Summer got up super early this morning for opening day at the new wash in town. I made it in to work several minutes early on account of how sheepish I felt from Friday. I absolutely did not want to be there. It wasn’t bad work though, because Jeff had individual carts set up for each hallway at the middle school, and we all split up to deploy them.

Josh ended up sharing a cart with me since we had so many people there, and we covered one of the sixth grade hallways. We had a lockdown drill in the middle of it, and I made sure to stay in a dark room, but mistakenly thought the window was covered and didn’t hide in the corner. Evidently they saw me, and called me out by name, so I’m just waiting for that writeup too.

Infuriatingly, none of the classrooms we visited were actually doing anything other than holiday activities like drawing or goofing off. One of them was specifically watching Arthur Christmas, which burned after being written up for publishing a FICTIONAL POEM ABOUT TEACHERS SHOWING MOVIES because it would be poor use of instructional time.

Lunch was about as unawkward as possible with Thomas, Zach, and Josh. Most of us got the burrito supreme lunch, which was a pretty great deal. Then we went back to the shop and I spent the afternoon with Jacob. We ran to Dwight to take care of a ticket, and then spent the remainder of the day in my office trying to convince Kelsea to move to Peru.

After work, I stopped by the wash to visit Summer, who was mostly busy with work stuff. They had several cars come in, which was good, but also meant I didn’t get to visit with her much. The wash was really impressive, but I’m still upset that they aren’t cleaning interiors.

From there, I went across town to visit with Mom. She worked really late, so I tried to get dinner warmed up for her before she walked in. I didn’t have to wait long though, and then she was more worried about feeding me than eating anything herself. I got everything warm and ate, and then she finished some soup and kicked me out before it got too late.

Autumn went to her father’s for the evening for some reason, but Eaddie and Summer were home. Eaddie was laying in Autumn’s bed for most of the evening just because her bed was messy. Eventually she came out to play some flute for us, and then everyone was off to bed. I stayed up chatting with Ben for a while just to get some advice in dealing with our new bully superintendent. I ended the night pretty defeated though, so it may just be time to go.

Burned Out

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