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It was eerie pulling in to a mostly empty parking lot today, but as I was confirming what I already knew, Gary pulled in right beside me and we walked in together. Someone beat us into the office, but the lights were on while some of the inside doors were still closed and locked, which was weird. We sort of met in the shop for a minute to see if there were any projects, but then I was left to myself for most of the day.

I got into a support chat with Adobe for a couple hours because none of us were able to approve a student’s request for software. It’s worked in the past, but support insists that we shouldn’t be able to approve the requests due to our licensing type.

That got us right to lunch, and a big group of us went to Taco John’s where I had a really light lunch. Then I spent some time getting our agenda sent out for our meeting in the morning. At one point, Gary had me run some stuff to Greg and Josh at the high school, but they didn’t need my help beyond that.

I ended the day at Dwight to check on a laptop that they suspected may have received some liquid damage. Many pipes had burst in the freezing weather over the break, and many rooms and buildings were flooded and ruined. Eaddie needed me to pick her up from her flute lesson after work, so I just waited for her in the driveway.

On the way home, we stopped by Summer’s parents’ house to check on the charging battery. Connecting the terminal immediately started the alarm system, so I disconnected it again after a quick honk. I hooked up my smart charger to finish it off, and we continued to my house so I could change.

When we got to Summer’s, I picked at some leftovers, and then Eaddie and I finished the first season of The Umbrella Academy. The visual effects were kind of goofy all season long, but I chalked it up to the art style. In a word, I found the whole season to be predictable.

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