Surrounded by Imbeciles

I was relatively calm this morning, for all the anxiety I had leading up to today. Maybe I was distracted by the fact that my car didn’t recognize me when I was ready to leave the house, and I had to use my physical key card to get to work. Two more work orders came in for the same issue I diagnosed at Dwight yesterday afternoon, so I ran a power supply over there first thing. Then I grabbed some donuts for our CPPC meeting and killed a few minutes with the folks at the Transportation office. I gave Frankie a ride down the block, and then I was told that I was officiating the meeting.

I was actually a little annoyed that Karen told me she had asked Janie to do it, because I figured as the only other elected officer on the committee, it should naturally fall to me. Then I was annoyed when Janie said she hadn’t heard anything of the sort, and that I was supposed to do it. We got things kicked off though, and sped through most of the meeting until we got to the part about the newsletter. Of course Ginni and Jeff walked in super late, and she acted completely ignorant about why I was even mentioning the idea. If I had been better at thinking on my feet, I would have used her own tactic against her and pointedly ask if she had specific questions about what was written on the agenda. I would give anything to shut the idiots up, and have the more intelligent folks in the room say anything at all, but that’s just not how it works there, and I’m sick of it.

It was tough to get motivated the rest of the day. I started to skip lunch until Gary showed up to find a food buddy. He took me to Wendy’s and we ate in relatively awkward quiet. Then after a while I ran to the maintenance office with him just to get out of the basement for a bit.

After work, I stopped by Ridgewood Brothers to see what the guys were up to. I guess one of their friends/fans had brought a turkey leg for everyone to try, so they offered me a bite of that. Then I gave like five of those guys rides up the road in the Tesla. One of the guys on the first trip to PDQ for some drinks just kept going on about it, and it was fun to give them that thrill. The second time, I let Kyler take it for a spin, and then I headed on home.

Eaddie stuck with Autumn after school, so I went home and stared at shrimp for a bit. I had a drink and spent some time cleaning out some of the last remnants of threadlike algae out of the tank until Eaddie called, screaming at Autumn in the background, asking me to pick her up from the gym. I got her home, and then hid in the bedroom when Autumn finally got home. Eaddie poked her head out a couple of times for food, so I munched with her for a little bit, and then resumed hiding until Summer came home and quickly went to bed. I perused jobs for a bit, and found some high-paying ones that I seem to be relatively overqualified for, so as soon as I can find some of that ambition, I’ll probably end up applying.

This entire place is the lowest common denominator.

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