Tank You

I got up this morning and started making some fresh refried beans in the Instant Pot. They turned out a lot spicier than I expected, and I think I need to come up with a new recipe. They’re not bad, but they’re just not what I ever expect when they’re done.

Suzanne texted out of the blue and asked about a fish tank, so I told her she could come and get the 55 gallon from Summer’s. She showed up about two hours later than she said, which pressed the rest of our afternoon. Summer went to the gym and Autumn took Eaddie to Gavin’s for a day hike. I ended up going home to dig out the aquarium hoods and lights for Suzanne to eventually show up.

Summer was summoned to Conway to chat with some girls from work, so I let her take the Model 3 for practice and fuel savings. Then as soon as Suzanne and Trent left, I headed to my parents’ house to help Dad mend his fence.

The fence was in pretty rough shape, but I guess Dad’s just not ready to do much to it. We pieced it back together the best we could, and left the gate for another day. I headed back home, expecting Summer to be back about five hours earlier than she did. I took a shower and just killed time at the house until she got there, and then we got gas on the way to her house before going straight to bed.

No tanks.

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