And How’s Your Day

I woke up in the middle of the night with a pretty bad anxiety attack, and it had me feeling a bit off for most of the day. I made it to work pretty early, and didn’t really have a good starting point. I started to leave for Crawford when Gary asked me to stick around to go over some Google and Active Directory sync changes with the engineering team. It kept feeling like we were overcomplicating it, but Ryan is just extremely structured and methodical about how he does things.

When we finished, I continued to Crawford until lunch time. The guys had left the shop while I was on the way back, so I just met them at Slim Chickens. I really liked their new hot honey sauce. The afternoon was pretty quiet after that. I went to Central Office to set up a webcam and headphones, and then stopped by Transportation on the way back. Kayla got on a rant that ended up consuming the remainder of my day.

I stopped by Superfast to check on Summer, and then went home to change before picking up some Taco John’s and heading up to her house for the evening. Eaddie had played hooky to catch up on homework, which didn’t seem to make a lot of sense since she was only behind because she had missed two days for all-state last week.

The three of us ate dinner in a mixture of tacos and burritos, and then Autumn came out of her room long enough to make a bowl of ramen that ended up being too hot for her to eat, so she gave it to Eaddie. Then I crunched some numbers and planned some account changes for our phone plans until I was off to bed.

Plug it in, plug it in.

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