Left Over

I slept in today without too much guilt. I’m happy for the extra time off.

My afternoon was spent cleaning up around the house. I did a couple loads of laundry, then settled in for some PUBG with Clint, Josh, and eventually Jack before the night was over.

I did manage to clean up almost all of my leftovers today, so I should be prepared for the Christmas binge.

If your life was bad to you, just think what tomorrow will do.

Double Trouble

We only had to work a half day today. Ben sent us to inventory projectors in our buildings, and I was able to finish both of my buildings thanks to the overly detailed inventory I took at the beginning of the year.

A few of the guys went out to lunch together, but I had plans to meet Brandie at Stoby’s. I had shunned her for a year after failing to invite me to the Asurion Christmas party last year. She said they didn’t even have one this year, so I let her off the hook with an apology for underestimating my love for hors d’oeuvres. She also gave me a tiny Lego-ish Christmas tree. That’s two trees for me this year, somehow tripling my previous high score.

After we ate, I helped her pick up some 90 ounces of refried beans from Taco Villa so she and her family could make homemade bean burrito things. I still don’t get why they didn’t just refry their own beans, or even buy some cans. It would have been significantly cheaper, and less weird than carrying a box full of drink cups filled with refried beans. She also finally returned my PS3 that I had loaned her years ago. I’m not really sure what to do with it now, though.

From there, I went to Summer’s place and hung out with her for the rest of the evening. She made Frito taco salad-y stuff for dinner after we picked up some things from Walmart, then we played The Game of Life with the girls before settling in for Aladdin. I kept dozing off, but it’s okay because it’s Christmas break!

To make things even better, I got my USB ethernet adapter in, so my PC is back in business.

Instead of having a Christmas rush, could we just.. not?

The Great Christmas Teardown

It’s the last day of school before Christmas break. I spent most of the morning at Oakland visiting with people before they all left. Sheri gave me a big plate of cookies, then went to the shop for a few hours before lunch. I had planned to go to the junior high for their luncheon, but Ben was out a vehicle and wanted to go somewhere. We went to Guerrero’s Mexican Food to check it out since they moved into an actual building from a food truck. It was decent food, but wouldn’t be my choice over the food truck in Dardanelle.

After lunch, I went straight to the junior high and did a little climbing into the ceiling before making some rounds there. Almost all of the kids were already gone, so those that were there were either making up tests or watching movies. We got to leave an hour early, and when I walked outside, our winter solstice had turned into mid-May. I thought about taking the bike out, but instead got the lazy-bored eats.

When Josh finally made it home, we played some of the newly released PUBG, which ran significantly better than it ever has before for me. We never made it very far, but it was a fair amount of fun for the lack of aiming I was doing.

You got it bad, huh?

Scores of 0rz

“I’m Next?”

This week has gotten progressively quieter every day. Oakland has been caroling all week, and kids at the junior high are getting checked out of class as soon as they finish semester tests. Most of the teachers just have their kids playing games or watching movies in their down time. While I was at Oakland, Becky gave me an incredible painting of a cow that she made, complete with a hidden cow patty on the back. It’s one of the greatest gifts anyone has ever given me.

I went to my parents’ house for lunch, then came back and plowed through wiping a bunch of old computers and cleaned up my office. Josh and Aaron wanted to meet at Ci-Ci’s for dinner, so I stayed at work a bit late until it was time to catch up with them.

Josh and I got there well before Aaron, so we walked to AT&T to kill a little time and so he could check out the LG V30. While we were there, I recognized Griff shadowing Vanessa. I eyeballed him until he recognized me, and he ran over and hugged me. I haven’t seen him in nearly 15 years since he moved to the northern states, but evidently he’s back. We’ll have to catch up now. What are the odds?

What? I’ll do your taxes!


It’s been a mostly drizzly day. I ended up having lunch with Jessica in the library, but nobody else came along for it. After Ronda got back from upgrading to an iPhone X, I ticked her off by throwing it into the trash as a joke. Nothing Sarah McLachlan and a handwritten apology can’t fix though.

After work, I played a few rounds of Overwatch: Yeti Hunter before Summer summoned me for some company. It’s a little too early to say for sure, but based on size alone, I’m a little jealous of her computer monitor.

Calibration complete.

Payback’s a bitch…

Kevin saw me walking up to the junior high this morning and managed to sneak into my office before I got there so he could jump out and scare me. I don’t think he realizes what he’s started. Obviously I can’t go sneaking around myself, because you never jump-scare the guy with a taser, but I’m more of a long-con kind of guy anyway.

Nighttime shot using the Pixel 2 XL’s flash. Impressive!

I had lunch with the girls in the library, and later in the afternoon, Jennifer did an all-call for me over the intercom. It wasn’t even work-related, so it was hilariously annoying to have been paged at all when an email would have been more than sufficient. She didn’t even try my desk phone at all, which I would normally be happy about, but I would have actually been on-site to answer it.

After work, I headed home to meet Dad because Tori trucked Bác Vân’s freighted Christmas present to her house for us. I guess I just don’t get the display case trend this year. I keep trying to lighten my load, not acquire more things to show my other things.

After I made it back inside, I installed the dbrand skin on my Pixel. I was surprised to see that there was no cutout for the glass skin, and instead I was to place the glass skin on top of the back skin. It looks pretty good, and I could nitpick it, but I think overall I’m happy with it. I just needed something to keep it from getting scratched. I went with the marble back and woodgrain glass. I ordered a multicolor G logo, but ended up not using it at all because the cutout for the stock G is perfectly aligned for the shiny metal to show through.

I ended the night with a round of PUBG and an all-night queue for Newegg customer service chat.


Shedding Yeti

Today was a sharp contrast from yesterday’s public outing. Back to normal. How else was I supposed to catch up on my Overwatch winter loot boxes? I got to where I really enjoyed playing the yeti mode.

Later in the day, I spent quite a bit of time brushing my ridiculous winter-shedding cat, and vacuuming up after them. I should make sweaters out of all this fur. This is stupid.

I rounded out the evening with some Rocket League and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds with the boys.

How’s your life, what’s it like there?

Christmas Filets

Summer wanted to get some Christmas shopping done in Conway today, so I got myself up early and we made the trip. Traffic was pretty dumb, but overall it wasn’t that bad being around that many people in the stores. We stopped at Logan’s for lunch fillets before walking down the other side of the strip mall. On the way out of town, I showed her Game Point, and she marveled at all of the old video games they had.

Once back to town, I dropped her off at home before heading home myself for a little while. She invited me along to see Ferdinand with the kids, which was interesting. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a family movie in a theater, so I didn’t even really register the trailers as movie trailers so much as cartoon shorts. It was kind of nice to not take things so seriously though, with all the other random screaming kids in there. It was a good time.

You can’t see me, my time is now!

Hot in Cider

Everyone’s gearing down for semester tests and Christmas break. Except shit kids. The school is so afraid of backlash from parents that no real discipline is allowed. Overall, most of the kids are okay, but the ones that are bad are really bad. They disrespect simply because they know they can. Parents are decidedly MIA.

On the flip side, someone brought hot cider to the junior high, plus it was popcorn Friday. It’s hard to argue with any of that. Everyone seemed to be in pretty good spirits all day too. Heather even gave me permission to say anything I wanted today after my “good behavior” in front of the kids at Ben’s Christmas shindig last night, so I took the opportunity to rip through the George Carlin Seven.

Now for something completely different.

Employee of the Month

Today wasn’t too bad of a start. My greatest accomplishment for the day was soldering a stripped cable onto a circuit board to replace a broken RCA jack. It went okay, even if the results were a little LOL.

I took a late lunch and went à la carte with McDonald’s fries and a Wendy’s burger, because I’m an adult that does what he wants. BOGO coupons made that a choice dinner as well, because I’m also a glutton for punishment.

I made Technology Tech of the month, which was nice. I didn’t even see the email until after the congratulations started pouring in.

I was so cold when I got home that I just bundled up instead of going shopping to pick up potluck goods. I’ll make time tomorrow.

Evidently I had to leave the Android 8.1 beta in order to receive the OTA update on my new Pixel 2 XL. I’m glad to finally have it going. Time to ship the old one back for a refund.

I owe it all to my fans.