Tabmanian Devils

I had to spend most of the day fighting the tablet issue I had yesterday. I took a short break to meet with Rachel about esports, and again for lunch at KFC with Allen and Dale, but it wasn’t until after lunch that I got them working again. I won’t find out until tomorrow whether or not I’ll have to touch all of the classroom devices to fix them all.

Jason and Zach helped me hang a TV at the end of the day, and we really got it up in record time because neither of them were very excited to do the work. Jason actually looked to keep busy all day, but I’m really not sure what Zach did for most of it. We did a good job though, and I’m always for good, efficient work.

When I got home, I started trimming and replanting the bathroom aquarium and did a quick water change. We were going to get 50-cent corn dogs for dinner, but then Mom said she was making chow mein. We coordinated Summer’s gym time with me borrowing Allen’s truck to move the mattress from my parents’ house, and I grabbed some corn dogs for the kids on the way. I happened to pull in right behind Keith at the drive-through, and we hollered back and forth for a bit, and then it was off to dinner.

I don’t know how Eaddie ate so much, but Noah gave up pretty quickly on his chow mein after eating like five corn dogs. I think Eaddie only had about three, but she loved the chow mein too much to pass it up. Summer took leftovers for lunch, and then we loaded the truck up to get things moved.

We dropped the boxspring off at my house first, just to raise my mattress up off the floor a little bit. I don’t love it, but I’m so indecisive about a bed that I really don’t know what I want anyway. Then we took the mattress up to Autumn’s room for her. I topped off Allen’s truck and returned it, then headed home to put everything back together again.

Johnny and Jack were playing someĀ Overwatch, so I jumped into a couple matches with them to end the day. The steamrolling was unreal.

Turn around, now you’re my A Team.

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