Grommin Around

It was nice out today, so I decided to take the Grom to work. Gary, Amanda, and I were sent to clean up a few things at the middle school, and then Sequoyah and Oakland since Brice is out with the new baby. Heather met up with us out of the blue just as we were getting started, and we continued on all morning making the smallest bit of progress in the least efficient way possible. I did score a couple tomatoes out of the garden at Sequoyah though, and then it was nice getting to see my Oakland friends for a bit.

I was able to talk Heather and Gary into going to Taco Villa for lunch, where I scarfed down a taco salad with the house dressing. It seemed way too sweet today, so I think I should stick with my usual Thousand Island or cheese dip and hot sauce. I took the Grom since it was still super nice outside. It was less embarrassing than driving down the highway back to town when we picked it up, and though meager, it was super fun to putt around town. I stopped for gas at Casey’s because I wasn’t willing to risk my reserve to get across town to my usual Shell station. There, a kid stopped to chat with me about it for a couple minutes, which kind of reinforced how much fun I was having.

After lunch we were sent out for work orders, so I ran around with Gary fixing some networking issues that popped up after so much equipment was moved around for the sake of cleaning. I told him we should just let it be broken until we receive work orders, since being super proactive about it just creates more work for us and gives everyone else the illusion that moving things around without us is an okay thing to do.

Summer wanted me to take Eaddie to karate after work, so I ran by the high school to take care of a couple things first, then made my way up to their house. Eaddie was insistent that she didn’t want to go spar with the adults from Krav Maga since they “go hard,” so she convinced Summer to let her mow the lawn instead. I fried up some chicken strips for dinner so we could make some really awesome wraps with tons of spinach, avocado, onion, slaw mix, and anything else I could dig out of the fridge. Then we sat around and talked until it was time to head home for bed.

Got me craving that power between my legs!

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