The Militant

I slept in super hard today and missed lunch with Autumn. When I did finally wake up, I got showered and took Eaddie with me to Autumn’s graduation ceremony from the Law Enforcement Explorers program. Dad met us there too, and we got to see their small group do a few vaguely military-like things. It seemed a little generic, and probably not as structured as some of them needed, but I was proud of Autumn for doing something intentionally difficult.

When we left, Summer wasn’t feeling great but the rest of us were hungry, so I took all three kids to Zaxby’s for BOGO Big Zax Snak meals. They were a bit mouthy on the way, but once we got seated the conversations cooled down a bit and we all had a good time. Noah had to work in the evening, so we headed straight back to Summer’s after our late lunch. He and I played a bit of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 while Eaddie hid in her room and Autumn showered.

I wanted to get some things done around the house, so I took Noah to work, then headed home for the evening super early. I didn’t have any primary focus, but continued to peck at the laundry and kitchen areas all night. The garage is still so overwhelming to look at, but I’ve got to tackle it tomorrow so I can park there again.

Gotta review those statements.

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