See, You Inhale!

I didn’t get to ride yesterday, so at only a couple degrees cooler, I rode to work today. I had to stop by the arena first thing for a big PLTW fair they were putting on for other schools. Ben came by too, and we wandered around listening to kids talk about their PLTW projects from all grades. There were way more elementary kids there than anyone else, which was probably good because they seemed more interested in what they were doing, and acted like they understood more of the content than anyone else. The older kids all had projects that were pretty obviously on rails and didn’t really grasp the concepts they were supposed to be learning about. I guess it’s pretty easy to be cynical about it though, even though I was probably in about the same place as them in junior high.

After we left there, I spent some time trying to track down some cabling with the guys from the PAC. They didn’t seem to really have anything else going on, so we just wandered all around looking for switches with unpatched network lines in their racks. The last rack we stopped at had four new lines run to it that just weren’t terminated, and it sounded like Jason ran it to his office himself. Ultimately knowing that last piece of information, we wouldn’t have had to run around on this wild goose chase, and I could have just made those new lines work for him and freed up the other good line in the upstairs control booth.

Allen and I went to Ruby Tuesday for the $5 salad bar, and we got our favorite lunchtime server. He got pretty close to remembering our drinks, and got us in and out in record time. Back at the shop, I sat with Ben for a bit talking about my morning before heading back to the high school to complete my morning’s task. As I wrapped up, I went to Jason’s office and found his fancy new RTX-wielding computer stowed away, and three other decade-old, non-district computers hooked up in its place. It looked exactly like what you would not want to see some random guy doing at work with your physical network infrastructure. I don’t know what he was hosting on that machine, but it all seemed very sketchy and I just decided to document my findings and run away.

I finished the day at the shop with several other unmotivated guys for the last hour, then went home for just a little while before Summer asked me to deliver the girls to their activities. I took Autumn to the junior high for a game, then Eaddie to karate before stopping by my parents’ house. I visited with Dad for a little bit before heading home to dope up and pass out.

I found a couple NyQuil and chased it with some Party Fuel to kickstart my night. It went to my head pretty quickly, so I laid down and dropped a Vicks inhaler into my CPAP to doze off for a few hours. It pretty clearly didn’t help my sinuses as I slept, but I guess it was worth a try. I woke up to write this post and discovered how much better the Australian website is for the VapoInhaler than the American one. We’re such a clinical society. I hope we’re happy.

Here are Newton’s laws of motion, which are apparently pretty important…

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