Lunch Is on My Face

Today started out cool, but quickly became pretty temperate. I had to reset the sign again in the morning, and then I ran around the building taking care of a few work orders. It went by pretty quickly, and I headed back to the shop a little early to see if Gary wanted to go to lunch for his birthday.

Gary initially didn’t want to go with us, then my suggestion of Bocadillos seemed to pique his interest, but ultimately he declined and left me with Ben and Allen. The three of us headed to Dardanelle, and all got the two tacos and burrito special. It took me a bit, but after several attempts I got the Clover app to accept my check-in photo, and I got to experience that process. It was pretty cool being able to just tell them I needed to check in, and then let the app automatically pay for me. It didn’t give me an opportunity to tip, which would be a bummer for when you get table service, but I’d use it when I’m just there for ice cream.

After lunch, Ben and I sat at a computer in the shop and poked around the G Suite settings to try and figure out why a few emails to students weren’t being delivered. Then I wrapped up the day back at the high school, setting up some computers in the arena for an event tomorrow morning. Ben and I have to go by there first thing in the morning to help out, but hopefully that will just be to stand by for assistance.

Eaddie came to the high school and I took her home with me. She was in a bit of a mood and just wanted to watch YouTube videos on her phone, which annoyed me a bit. Once I got changed, we headed to Pizza Hut to pick up a free order of wings that I got, compliments of Sprint. Then it was off to her house to wait for dinner. Summer got home after dropping Autumn off at an Explorers meeting and grilled some brats and asparagus. Then she, Eaddie, and I watched a couple episodes of Parks and Recreation before bed.

We’re all just calm and happy people together enjoying ourselves on earth.

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