No Egg Omelette

We were down to four plus the boss today, so it was a quiet and slow start. I convinced Zach to sign up for Robinhood, and I placed some buy orders for myself. Then we split up into a couple groups to run down some tickets at neglected campuses. Josh and I went to Crawford to retrieve a cart as well, which got us just into lunch, so we took Zach with us to meet Ben and Kyle at CJ’s.

After lunch, I helped Zach swap a television, which should have been a 15 minute job, but turned into a two hour job after we hung one new TV that was damaged out of the box, and then had to re-run an HDMI cable because the new model TVs didn’t have VGA inputs.

Ben let us go early, but Zach and I ended up sticking around most of that time to chat with Ben. When I did leave, I just waited at the house for the girls to come over, and then we went to my parents’ house for dinner. Mom made bánh xèo and warmed up some leftover curry, and we sat and chatted a while.

When we finally made it back home, the two seasons went straight to bed while Eaddie and I watched the next episode of WandaVision. I really liked the progression, and I think Summer might like it too, so we’ll probably end up rewatching it soon. Then we watched a couple episodes of House before bed.

An alarm on Saturday morning? Sounds reasonable.

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