Eat It, Fix It, File It, Find It, Wipe It, Roll It, Fail, Upgrade It

I met Josh and Aaron at Waffle House for breakfast this morning. We had a really good time catching up over coffee, and we collectively realized that we’ll have to just schedule something every month, like the old folks that congregate for breakfast at Hardee’s every Sunday.

When we left there, I stopped by Mark’s for about an hour and finished up some work for him. I was successful with everything I had to touch today, which was a relief. Hopefully the Outlook sync finished up fine after I left. There was still plenty of the day left to waste unintentionally, so I went home to try and clean up while the girls were gone.

I filed some old paperwork, but couldn’t find my old Fiero title. I assumed it never left my parents’ house. Summer came back by for a little bit to help, but I had already lost my way for the most part. While I was running around the house, I had trouble getting music to play on the speakers I wanted. I ended up pulling out an old router and wasting the rest of the afternoon trying to set it up as a range extender to see if better WiFi coverage would help.

The girls eventually came back over and we went to my parents’ house for spring rolls. Dad picked up Nova for dinner as well, and then we all sat down to watch Rustlers’ Rhapsody. I didn’t realize how old it was until I looked it up later, but I should have known.

When we got back home, I completed my wireless repeater setup and put Summer to bed. Finally, Eaddie and I ended the night with the last episode of the first season of House.

What’s so great about you is you always think you’re right. And what’s so frustrating about you is you are right so much of the time.

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