Dude, You’re Getting a Dell!

I ran home this morning after clicking some more cookies with Eaddie. Uncle Giao and the family came down, so I had to get a laptop ready for him to take. It took me a while to get everything updated and ready to go, but hopefully it works well for him. I spent most of the afternoon at my parents’ house until they left. Then I ate some leftovers before heading back to Summer’s.

Nobody was really hungry for a proper dinner, but Autumn grilled some hot dogs and we all munched a bit in the evening. Then she wanted to watch The Greatest Showman, which I surprisingly didn’t really care for. I didn’t dislike it by any means, but I think I had just built it up to be something completely different in my mind.

When we finished that, I put on The History of Time Travel until Summer and Autumn went to bed. Then Eaddie and I stayed up and watched an episode of House before bed.

No, that was not a real documentary about how someone invented an actual time machine out of an Atari.

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