A Lot

I got the Shadow out again today, but as soon as I hit the street I realized how frigid the air was. Fortunately I was only going to the high school, so it was a quick trip and I thawed out quickly. There, I dropped off a bunch of patch cables and helped Mike with a couple work orders in the office. Then I made it back to my office for the rest of the day.

Zach and Gary wanted Linh’s, which sounded great to me. The service was actually really good, but my noodles were either overcooked or under dried and I had to finish with a spoon. The weather for the ride back was much nicer, but it had still been cloudy for most of the day as far as I could tell.

I kept pretty busy with a couple short term projects that would help later down the road, and even worked a bit late since the girls got a ride to karate. When I finally left, I went by the shop to see Summer and drove past Kevin on the way, who eyeballed me pretty hard on the different bike.

I went to my parents’ house for some leftovers and then had a pretty good talk with them about all things past, present, and future. Then I headed back across town, deciding to swing by Kevin’s place on the way home. He had just gotten home from mountain biking and was in the driveway putting his bike away, so we chatted for a long time outside.

He caught me up on a ton of stuff I’ve missed since we’re horrible at keeping up with each other. I’ve missed being around him and the rest of the crew even though I was only around for a couple months before I left for the school district. I let him take the Shadow around the block. A little while later, Mayra rolled around the corner only just getting home from work. She jumped out and chatted with us for a bit with her own relationship drama as we each wrapped up to go home.

Isn’t that the kind of thing they run marathons for?

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