No Reservations

We were down to a relatively small crew today. Kyle and I went with Gary to the high school for the new core switch changeover. Gary configured switches while the two of us went around to every printer we could find and reconfigured DHCP reservations. Unfortunately we didn’t have the forethought to do the same for the release boxes on the majority of those printers, so we had to go back and do a lot of that in the afternoon.

We took a break and went to Sam’s for lunch before finishing up at the high school. Then we spent the last bit of the day at the shop before going home. It had been a relatively cool day, and a great day for a ride, but as soon as I would stop anywhere, the humidity had me sweating buckets.

Eventually I made it out of the house to go to Summer’s for dinner. I stopped by her shop first to try and get an oil change, but I didn’t make it in before closing time. I headed on up to the house and started warming up the spaghetti she prepped the night before.

As soon as Summer made it home, we all sat down to eat. Then we played a game of Uno before watching the latest episode of Loki. Finally it was an early night to bed.

Annihilating entire realities, orphaning little girls… Classic hero stuff.

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