1200 Squats

I spent the entire day by myself imaging laptops. Between yesterday’s boot disk creation and today, I’ve completed 150 devices. There are only about 1050 left to go. I didn’t have a terrible time today, but next week is going to be a long week.

Allen was the only one that said anything about lunch, and we were both pretty hungry, so it was KFC or bust. Then it was right back to the grind. The music helps. Having things to rearrange helps too.

After work, I went home for a while and ended up vacuuming out my car so I could install the new WeatherTech floor mats. I got super hot and sweaty, but the job’s done and I’ll feel better about having those nasty children in and out of the car all of the time. I just wish they tucked under the door moulding to keep the crumbs from falling down between them.

I beat Summer and Eaddie home but just waited in the car for them. Then I fried up some chicken for their sandwiches, and Summer went to bed while Eaddie and I watched another episode of Daredevil.

I’m gonna have to get some better knee pads…

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